Nelson Lakes Gliding (2009) © Tim Cuff

The nose dipped and we accelerated to 200kmh. “Here we go!” came the call from Rob sitting behind me in the pilot’s seat, over the roar of rushing air.

With my camera held above my head pointing rearward I photographed him hauling the control stick back as we went into the loop. As the effects of 3G washed over my body I crumpled down into the seat, a 75 kilo man now pushing 225kg, my camera the weight of a medicine ball. My internal organs were playing leapfrog as a wave of nausea swept over me.

I kept my finger on the shutter, shooting useless pictures of my seatback and my left ear. A second later and we crested the loop, my stomach returned to its rightful place and I opened my eyes to see the world upside down...